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Exciting Fundraiser Incentive Ideas To Boost Color Run Participation

When you plan a donation-based or entry fee-based Color-A-Thon with School-A-Thon, our awards and incentive program is already conveniently included. Fundraiser prizes include everything from crazy hair headbands to brightly colored tutus. But if you’re looking to boost fundraising incentives even more to encourage participants to amp up their efforts, we can help.


How to Plan a Fun Run: When Should You Schedule Your School’s Color Run Fundraising Event?

Looking for refreshingly fun fundraising ideas for school spirit? A Color-A-Thon fundraiser just might be what you’ve been searching for! A School-A-Thon color run boosts school pride while encouraging physical fitness, raising money for a good cause and having a blast! However, figuring out how to plan a fun run can be a challenge when […]

Tips for Protecting Your Hair from Color Run Powder

A color run with School-A-Thon is a whole lot of fun. What’s less fun? Not knowing how to get color run powder out of hair. Don’t worry — we have you covered. This guide will help you protect your hair before and after a color powder run to prevent the colored cornstarch from staining your […]

How to Save the Color In Your Color Fun Run T-Shirt

A color run fundraiser is a great event that creates incredible memories that will last a lifetime. If you plan on wearing your School-A-Thon T-shirt during the color run (which we highly suggest doing, by the way), one of the best ways to preserve those memories is to let the dust color stay on your […]

Where’s the Best Place to Hold Color Run Fundraisers?

So, you’ve decided to host a school color run fundraiser with School-A-Thon? Congrats! You’re about to experience the most fun, innovative and profitable “thon” fundraising event around! For schools, color run fundraisers are an exciting way to earn money and build a sense of community. However, choosing a location for your color run route can […]